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Check out all the Various Coaching options with FlockhartMX in the

Group Training Schools

Throughout the year, FlockhartMX Training Schools will be organised at various Motocross Circuits over the country. On these days the Circuit will be hired for our Training Session use only, allowing us to work on all aspects of riding on every part of the track with no distraction or hazard from other riders racing around. These Group Training Schools are offered to riders of all age and ability, up to a Maximum of 10 riders per session. Costs are £70 per rider, this includes track fee and insurance cover.

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Private 1-to-1 Lessons

If you would rather prefer to attend a Private 1-to-1 Lesson with Stuart, this can be arranged for a Track and Date most convenient to both parties. Private lessons include advice on bike set-up, rider fitness, nutrition, and mental strength. The full package for the keenest Motocrosser. Prices will range from £100 - £200 depending on Circuit. ( £100 deposit required ).

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Custom Packages

FlockhartMX is also flexible to accomodate other options for providing you with the Motocross Training Package that you are looking for. Whether it be a small group of friends, a family group, preparation for upcoming events, or regular sessions through a season, this can all be arranged.


Since 2005 Stuart has been involved in helping with many successful different Championship racers and winners. The combination of hard work from the rider and guidance from Stuart has resulted in Championship Success at Scottish , British and European levels !

However , don't think that we only help out high level competition riders ,
we enjoy coaching riders of all age and ability :-)


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