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Get the message , with the stylish NEW
Disco70 Pit-Board !

Disco70 Pit Board With Marker Pen -
Customised with your own Name / Number !

Time on the track is critical ! Use our Pit Board to quickly send messages to your riders. A great pit board with a whiteboard finish.


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Pit Board features:

  • Motocross Pit Board with Personalised Disco70 Graphic.
  • Dry erase markers easily wipe off clean 100% leaving no residue.
  • Wide handles make it user friendly while wearing pit gloves.
  • Relay vital information to your rider.
  • Ideal for the serious competitive rider. Also includes pen.
  • Smooth dry erase surface is quickly cleared with a wipe of a dry cloth to be ready for the next lap message.
  • Made In Italy.
  • W 57cm x H 40cm.