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disco70 - How it all started ......

I've been asked many times ..
" so what's the story behind disco70 ? .. where did the name come from ? "

so here's the background to where it all began ...

Motocross was a hobby I first enjoyed at the age of 4 years old. I seemed to take to the balance and feeling of it quite naturally and soon discovered the buzz of going faster and jumping further !

I competed in my first race in 1989 at 10 years old. The track was awesome , there were a strong line-up of kids with more experience than me , and I was nervous as hell ... however , despite a few tumbles I had a good day and was very proud to pick up my first trophy.

Climbing up through the Youth ranks from then on I managed to Win a few Scottish and British Championship titles along the way , even peaking with an eye opening 2nd Overall in one of the biggest European International Youth Events over in Holland in 1996.

Since leaving school in 1997 I was fortunate enough to fall into full-time motocross , racing in Scottish and British Championship competition. I was building in confidence and riding with quite a flambouyant style.

For the next couple of years I chose events across the UK which combined both racing and jump competitions ... and managed to Win a lot of them ! This was good fun and allowed me to take in a few quid at the same time. The Freestyle MX scene in the UK was starting to build momentum , and I was one of the original performers :-)

So both my Racing and Freestyle were going well at the turn of the millenium , I had scored my first points in the premier 250cc class at Motocross World Championship and I was selected to be a part of the first ever Red Bull Freestyle MX UK Tour .. I became the only rider in the UK to be doing both , and that's a fact which still remains true to this day !

While it was fun doing both show riding and high level racing , the desire to be the fastest on track would once again take priority. Picking up a ride for Honda to focus on World Championship Motocross meant all attention turned to racing in 2002 & 03. With that focus and support I finally managed to reach the highest level in racing gaining results of 1st in British Championship , 3rd in European , and a best of 4th in the World Championship ...

" It was one day in Summer 2004 when the nickname 'disco' was used for the first time ... "

Catching up with an Australian mechanic friend Byron Draper at one of the British events , he commented I was looking very 'disco' with my multi coloured kit and bike ! .. We laughed and joked at the time , however the name was to stick and soon catch on !

As internet was becoming more prominent and social profiles growing , I soon took the new nickname online. I chose the number '70' for racing in the 2005 season and with a great design team around me we came up with a new look bike graphic and shirt print that really stood out as I shredded on track !

There was a buzz about doing something different , and it wasn't long before the idea for the first hoodie came about. The logo was looking sick , and with a great help from Dirt Bike Rider we had a featured advert and pull-out poster in the biggest UK Motocross magazine !

... 'disco70' had spread across the nation , and hoody sales took off !

The disco patrol album has been good fun where a lot of our friends have sent in photos wearing our hoody or where they have stuck some of our stickers in all sorts of different places ... you can check it out by clicking here ... and for sure send us in any of your pics you would like to be featured in the album !

Thanks for being a part of it :-)

.... braaaap .... !

Stuart Flockhart - disco70

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