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Interview with Dean Wilson


Whilst out in California turning the laps in the sunshine with Joe, Mark, and Sean, we also caught up with Scottish born Dean Wilson who is preparing for the first round of the 2010 East Coast AMA Supercross Championship which kicks off in Indianapolis this weekend. The 18 year old Pro Circuit Monster Energy Kawasaki rider was looking strong on the practice track and took a few minutes out to have a chat with some of his Scottish fans about his upcoming big debut. -

SF - Hey Dean, looking good out there - how do you feel your preparation is going for your first AMA East Coast Supercross this weekend ?

DW - Thanks, it's going pretty good. I actually had kind of a rough off-season cos i got hurt, but now I'm back at it again I've been riding for probably 3 - 4 weeks and it's been going really well. I train a lot at the gym with my trainer and I've been riding a lot so that's pretty much it. Hopefully I'll be prepared , we'll soon see I guess !

SF - Have you had much Supercross experience up until now ?

DW - Not really, I mean the only kind of indoor experience I've ever had was when I moved from Scotland to Canada I used to race Arenacross a little bit, but I'm riding all the practice tracks here just now like Glen Helen today, I go to the Kawi Test Track a lot, and there's a couple other tracks I can go to. It's going alright.

SF - And have you been watching the West Coast races so far ?

DW - Yeah I've been to all of them except San Fransisco but I'm pretty much over watching now I'm ready to race. It has been good for me to watch and learn see what some people are doing right or wrong and what I can learn from.

SF - Sounds good, so are you feeling confident ?

DW - Yeah I feel pretty confident, I'm just gonna go in and ride the best I can that's all I really can do. That's why you prepare the best you can, so when you go in there you know that you've done everything you can. I've been doing that so hopefully all the hard work is gonna pay off.

SF - Well Mitch Payton obviously believes in your ability, and from a Scottish point of view we would also love to see you do well too.

DW - Yeah thanks, I'd love to do well for everybody it'd be awesome, and even for myself cos I want to keep my ride for next year and be on Mitch's team for a while yet, that would be awesome.

SF - and I'm sure you will ! Unfortunately we won't be there this weekend to cheer you on in Indy but we wish you best luck !

DW - Thank You !

check out the video of Dean in action -